Our Interview Thought Process: 

We believe that an interview process should be as much about you getting to know us, as it is us getting to know you. Our approach is designed to give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and highlight your abilities. Overall, we want you to realise your potential with Lexicon Digital.


What to Expect: 

Our aim is to learn more about you and your competencies, particularly where you have excelled, failed and how you adapt to change.   We understand that interviews are difficult, but all that we ask is that you be yourself! 


Our Approach:

Phase 1: Initial Conversation

This is a conversation, usually by phone, about your experience, your technical skills and what you are looking for in your next role. 

Phase 2: Cultural Review

Lexicon Digital takes pride in developing a positive culture and working environment for all employees. The cultural review stage will take place either via video conference or face to face. The purpose of this review is to ensure we are aligned on principles & values and to assess your consulting skills. 


Software Engineers

Phase 3: Technical Assessment

Part One

All of our Software Engineers complete a ‘Coding Challenge’. This is sent to you via email and you will have four days to complete the challenge. This challenge is not timed and can be completed in the language of your choice. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by a pair of Lexicon consultants.

Part Two

A pairing exercise with our consultants.  In this phase, you will discuss what makes your code great and add a live extension to your work. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and reasoning with the people you will be working with.


Business Analysts/Delivery Leads

Phase 3: Technical Assessment

All of our Business Analysts and Delivery Leads complete a ‘Facilitation Exercise’. This involves a role-playing scenario where you are given a real-world business challenge and expected to shape the work.


Phase 4: Offer

Successful candidates will move to the offer stage.  Here, your employment terms, commencement date, and remuneration will be shared.  You will be introduced to a member of our induction team, who will be responsible for making sure your introduction to Lexicon is a great one!


See our open roles below. You could be starting with us sooner than you think!