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Who We Are

We are a diverse team of experienced consultants, specialising in software delivery, experience design, and digital transformation using design thinking, lean & agile methods. Collectively, we are a catalyst that helps big business rediscover the spirit of a small one.

What We Do

We create lasting, positive experiences for our clients by demonstrating the principles that lead to better outcomes. Our method is to lead by example, whether it’s through designing and building new products or services, or generating the momentum that helps businesses become more adaptive.

We help our clients...


Bring clarity to new ideas, programs, or strategies. We do this is days and weeks, not months.


Become faster, leaner, and more innovative. We guide businesses to anticipate, adapt and respond to change.


Build, measure and learn. Our team can provide end-to-end project delivery, or develop your in-house delivery capability.

Who We Work With

Lexicon Digital


Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say…

Welcome to

Lexicon Digital

Lexicon Digital was created on a solid foundation of nearly 20 years delivering successful outcomes for clients. In this time, I’ve come to believe that success can be traced back to four simple principles:

1. Relationships – We treat every conversation as an opportunity to build lasting partnerships with our clients. As a partner, our responsibility is to act in the best interests of your business, not our own.

2. Impact – We consider all aspects of an engagement to ensure outcomes can be achieved at speed. This is a key part in establishing trust with new clients and critical to our ongoing relationships. 

3. People – As a services organisation, our single greatest asset is our people. We place a great deal of importance in hiring for EQ (Emotional Intelligence) alongside IQ to build a team that will deliver the greatest-possible positive impact for your business.

4. Commercial – We run a lean business with a flat structure and low overheads. Geared to attract the industry’s best talent, our business model brings these elements together to offer our clients exceptional service in a fair and equitable way.

Lexicon Digital offers an unrivalled, compelling proposition to the market.  I encourage you to speak with us and experience this for yourself.


Christopher Carydias
Founder & Managing Director