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Nicole Wong

Job: Accountant
Time at Lexicon: 3 months

What does your typical day at Lexicon look like?

My normal day would have to just be doing the accounts for Lexicon; bills, expenses, bank reconciliations, payroll and invoicing!!

How has your experience at Lexicon been so far?

It’s been really good, I definitely still have a lot to learn!! My previous role was a bit different to this, I was more of a Tax Accountant for individual clients, so the work genre was quite different. This current role allows me to see the big picture of the business, what’s happening internally, what’s to come, etc. It’s really great!!

So how did you get into what you do? Have you always wanted to be doing this?

Before I started university, I’d planned on pursuing my passion for piano. But you know, things don’t always pan out the way you want them to… I had a good chat with my mum, she’s an accountant and influenced me in my decision to pursue this field. Now that I actually am an Accountant, I realize there are so many things to love about it, so I’m extremely happy with my choice!!

If you could be doing one other thing professionally, what would you be?

I’d have to say singing. I just love music; that entire industry really intrigues me. Imagine being a singer and being about to travel worldwide, go on tour and just perform; it would be so enjoyable!

Where’s the best place/city you’ve ever been to?

Taiwan, I loved it there! I love food and over there everything is delicious!! Coming from a Malaysian background, food is everything, so any place that’s similar, I love. Taiwan’s scenery is also beautiful.

What do you do outside of Lexicon?

I love running. I try to go as often as I can sometimes for 20mins, sometimes for an hour. I try to go to the gym too! I love the feeling after a workout when you just feel good all-round and stress-free.

What’s something that most people might not know about you?

I like watching Disney movies, and I’ve watched Frozen over 5 times now. Also, languages!! People don’t usually see me as a person that can speak several languages. I can speak Chinese, but I’m Malaysian and I can speak English, Malay, Chinese and some dialects like Cantonese. So if I ever went to Hong Kong, I’d be fine!!

Are there any apps that you couldn’t live without?

I’d have to say Instagram because you get to see everything about a person! I feel like someone’s profile can really give away a lot about their interests, personality, social life, etc. You can know someone quite well, before even having met them!

What’s the best advice anyone’s given you?

My dad would always say ‘don’t worry too much about anything and be sure to give everything a go’. I’ve come to learn that everyone has their own challenges and not everything is easy for everyone. So long as you’re always trying to better yourself and learn, you’ll be fine.

Is there any advice you’d give to a junior accountant or someone studying a ccounting?

I’d say just keep going! Studying accounting and working in accounting are two completely different things. You never know where you’re going to end up and it’s different everywhere you go! There are so many layers to accounting, it’s not all about the numbers; there’s relationships, people, internal and external parts, it’s so broad!!