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Graham Cassidy

Job: Delivery Lead
Time at Lexicon: 6 months

What does your typical day at Lexicon look like?

Every day is different, There’s a lot of running around keeping stakeholders aligned and managing expectations – things can change very quickly. My job involves protecting the team from a lot of the noise that comes with constant change, and I’m always planning ahead and measuring progress against our goals. I like the challenge of working with my team and across the business to do whatever it takes to achieve the objective we’re chasing – wearing multiple hats as required.

How has your experience at Lexicon been so far?

It’s been really great so far! There is such a friendly crew here and it’s an extremely supportive environment. It definitely feels like a transparent workplace, and I really enjoy that. Everyone here delivers high-quality solutions to the clients and you just feel very involved all-round.

So how did you get into what you do? Have you always wanted to be doing this?

I’ve been a Delivery Lead of some shape or form for 5 years now. I’ve been managing projects and the delivery life cycle aspect of things for much longer than that though, most of my career actually. I have always wanted to do this and enjoy my job!

If you could be doing one other thing professionally, what would you be?

Hmm, if money wasn’t a factor, I’d have to say an Urban Farmer. I’m really into permaculture and sustainability outside of work, anything around that intrigues me.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Definitely spending time with my kids at home, cooking a BBQ and just relaxing. I also like to brew beer, kombucha and to cook. I love gardening, being outside doing some home handyman jobs and playing video games when time permits… which isn’t very often.

Where’s the best place/city you’ve ever been to?

Sweden was nice! I think it was the lovely community feel that stood out for me. I also liked the fact that the countryside is close by and integrated within the cities.

If you had a private chef for a night, what would you get him to make you

I’d have to say some sort of Indian feast. I absolutely love Indian food, so anything of that sort would do me!

What’s something that most people might not know about you? Any interesting facts?

I’ve got chickens at home, 3 chooks. We get eggs from them and I’ve also got a food forest in my front yard. There I grow all sorts of things like plums, apples, limes, berries, tomatoes and other veggies. I’m into permaculture and try to live as sustainably as I can.

What’s the best advice anyone’s given you?

Reminding yourself when times are stressful or difficult – ‘it’s not like anyone’s dying here’. Essentially always put into perspective how bad things really are and acting accordingly, everything can be figured out one way or another!

What's something you can't live without?

My family