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Christopher Carydias

Job: Founder & Managing Director
Time at Lexicon: 4 years

So when and why did you start Lexicon?

I founded the company in March 2016. I worked hard to master my craft and always took great pride in servicing my customers. Lexicon is a natural extension of those two passions.

What’s been your favourite aspect of Lexicon?

The thing that excites me most is creating a culture our people can be proud of. The internal narrative is about ‘realising your potential’. I think the company gives our people the foundation to do that and ultimately the customer shares in that success.

If you could be doing one other thing professionally, what would it be?

Flying planes for sure. I have a very old, now expired pilots license from 2002. I put that on hold to pursue my passion for Technology. It’s definitely something I will pick up again in the not too distant future.

What were you doing before you joined Lexicon?

I was in the Technology industry consulting for 15 years. I spent a good seven or eight years as a Software Engineer. I’ve also worked in a variety of roles as a Business Analyst, Iteration Manager, Delivery Lead, Project & Program Manager, Coach, Senior Manager, and Advisor. I think that variety allows me to appreciate our client’s challenges at all levels of their organisation.

Where’s the best place/city you’ve ever been to?

Hmmm, I have a few favourite places, for different reasons. One would have to be Egypt, because of its long history. Cairo and Alexandria are such interesting cities. In Europe, Copenhagen definitely stood out for me, mostly because of its liberalism and friendly people.

If you had a private chef for a night, what would you get them to make for you?

I’m very fond of Japanese food at the moment and would definitely love an experience with Jiro Ono.

Are there any apps or software that you couldn’t live without?

My calendar!!! I’ve come to realise that I can’t live without mine now. I still think Excel is one of the most amazing software products created as it provides the user with a blank canvas to explore algorithmic problem-solving.

Is there any advice you’d give your younger self?

I would have to say, back yourself, always. Dream big, keep your eye on the details and learn from your mistakes.